Interested in selling our products? That’s great because we would love to work with you! We have 3 methods for selling and invite you to choose which method(s) best describes you.  Once you’ve decided, please contact us to get started. And yes, if you are a retailer or distributor you can also be an affiliate.


Brick and mortar or ecommerce presence that can carry inventory and sells to the general public.  Don’t want to carry inventory? Apply to become an affiliate instead!


Individual that wants to sell to friends and family, set up a booth at festivals etc, or may have a boutique practice (chiropractor, yoga, massage etc) and can sell through their practice.  Must be willing to carry inventory.


Are your customers asking about CBD products?

Carrying our Rock ‘n Roots Farm products that are from our farm where we use beyond organic practices directly to you, provides your customers with a great brand story you will be proud to tell!

Overview of our program benefits:

  • Retail and distributor partners receive 50% discount off retail pricing depending on products.  We have a low $150 wholesale minimum order requirement per order (typically 5-10 items).
  • Free Priority shipping on all orders
  • We can provide brochures for your location
  • Link on our website retail or distributor page
  • Online order form for easy ordering

Ready to get started?  Your next steps:


1) To formally qualify for wholesale pricing, please contact us and tell us a bit about who you are and plans for selling. You will receive a personal response to your application from Candice or Jon within 24hrs.

2) With approval, we provide you access to our online order form and marketing materials.

3) Orders are packed and shipped the next business day using priority mail..

4) We are always here to help in anyway.

5) Reorder through our online form at any time.