We are committed to not just sustainable practices but regenerative ones to grow our medicinal herbs and CBD hemp. This means we intend to steward the land in a way that gives back and restores it to better than it was before.

We use regenerative farming practices that increase biodiversity, improve the watershed we all rely on, improve soil health, and sequester carbon in the fight against climate change.

Our seed-to-bottle model is super efficient! By keeping every step of the process of creating our medicinal herbal products and full-spectrum CBD on our family farm we cut out an enormous amount of waste that is normally created in the supply chain. It’s all done within a few acres!

We are Certified Naturally Grown! This is the farmer led alternative to Organic certification–think beyond organic. That means no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, and no petroleum-based ingredients. It means healthy soil, healthy ecosystems, healthy ingredients, and a healthy you!