Pure Arnica Infused Oil

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Bring the healing power of herbs to your pain care regiment with this rich Arnica oil! A natural anti-inflammatory, Arnica oil has been used for hundreds of years to help ease pain related to bruising and swelling in muscles and joints.  Just about every topical natural pain relief product on the  market has arnica oil in its ingredients list and now you can buy pure arnica oil direct from the farm that grows and processes it. 

Our pure Arnica Oil is crafted from Arnica flowers grown right on our farm in Paonia, CO using regenerative and beyond organic growing practices.  We slow dry our arnica flowers to ensure they stay as potent as possible and infuse them in US grown certified organic cold pressed hemp seed oil at a high concentration to ensure the most potent product.  


NOTE:  We are releasing a limited run of this through the holiday season.  When it’s gone, we won’t have any again till late spring 2024.  Get it while you can!!


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Ingredients:  Rock ‘n Roots Farm Grown Arnica Chomissonis, US Grown Certified Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil.  That’s it. Just pure goodness!



  • Hemp Seed Oil: Packed with nourishing lipids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, hemp seed oil offers excellent protection and moisturization for tired and dry skin. Hemp seed oil also absorbs faster into the skin then other topical oils so it does not leave your skin feeling ‘oily’ and wet. Additionally it is a far more environmentally sustainable oil to produce than olive, almond or other oils.
  • Arnica Flower: Used for hundreds of years to help relieve pain, arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps increase the speed at which bruises heal and swelling  decreases.  This product supports relief from bruising, swelling, aches, pains and arthritis. Great to use after surgery or injuries to muscles or joints.


How to Use

This product is concentrated and can be used simply by applying directly to the skin or mixed with other ingredients. It can also be diluted to use in a massage oil for deep tissue work and medical massage.

For topical use only. Do not use on abraded or broken skin.


Why Rock ‘n Roots Farm Arnica Oil

  • Higher Concentration of Arnica:  We make our Arnica Infused Oil with a higher concentration of flowers than anyone we’ve found. This increases the potency and effectiveness of the product.
  • Slow Dry:  We created a special drying room to slow down the drying process of the flowers. This method ensures as much of the benefits of the flower are kept in the flower until we infuse it in the oil, rather than burning off during the drying process.
  • Grown Here on the Farm:  Most producers of Arnica oil are either ‘wildcrafting’ their arnica which often leads to overharvesting and the depletion of natural resources or buying it out of Eastern Europe. Buying it direct from our farm ensures your Arnica Oil is crafted using the freshest flowers while keeping the wild spaces preserved.


Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 10 in

4 reviews for Pure Arnica Infused Oil

  1. Aseel A. (verified owner)

  2. Beryl (verified owner)

    Oil is absolutely fabulous. Hydrates and soothes my skin. Absorbs beautifully leaving my skin feeling wonderful even in the dry and cold South Dakota winter.

  3. LS (verified owner)

    I love this product. It works well to relieve arthritis pain in my hands and knees and is also pleasant to use. I like it much better than the arnica gels I have used in the past.

  4. Stephanie White (verified owner)

    Great product and no additives that are unnecessary.

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