When you buy direct from the farm you ensure that you are getting the highest quality and most effective wellness products available.

The reality is that most wellness companies, even if they are certified organic, are buying their herbs and ingredients after they’ve passed through a long line of distributors, packers, more distributors and on and on. That means there’s very little oversight into how the herbs were grown and processed, how long they’ve been sitting in storage, whether they were irradiated in transport, if the herbs are dried too fast to retain their beneficial properties or have been in storage for 2 or 3 years degrading and losing their potency. This all leads to products that aren’t actually as effective as they should be.

Here at Rock ‘n Roots Farm more than 75% of the herbs and 100% of the hemp in our products are grown right here on our farm in Paonia, Colorado. That means they’ve been grown in healthy soil, dried slowly to increase potency and lovingly incorporated into our products at their peak freshness. It means, the highest quality wellness products for you and it means products that work the way they should.

Every ingredient we use that does not come from the farm is sourced from vendors we have vetted and trust. For example, the hemp seed oil in our topical products is purchased directly from the processor who works directly with farmers in the US, and the shea butter in our topical products is Fair Trade and organic certified.  Highly effective products have to be crafted from the highest quality ingredients.