Use this glossary to learn about the different types of products we offer and how to use them.


A tincture is an extract of plant material into a concentrated liquid form. A tincture can be taken for various medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It can be taken directly by mouth or added to a beverage or smoothie. 

Loose-leaf Tea

A loose-leaf tea is a blend of medicinal herbs that can be drunk for therapeutic purposes. Steep the herbs, covered, in hot water for at least 10 minutes, strain (or use one of our fancy tea straws), and drink hot or cold. Loose-leaf tea is typically more effective than tea you buy in ‘tea bags’ because it ensures you are getting the highest quality parts of the herbs. Here’s a great write up on why loose leaf tea is more effective. 


A salve is a topical herbal remedy that comes in a small tin for convenience.  Salves are typically solid until melted into the skin by rubbing it onto the desired area and can be applied as needed for wound healing, pain relief, or dry skin depending on what is included in the salve. 


An oil contains a full spectrum extraction of an herbal remedy that can be taken orally or topically. Using an oil as a carrier helps to make the medicinal properties of the extracted herbs easier to absorb into the body. Take oils directly by mouth, add to a beverage or smoothie, or apply topically. 

Full Spectrum

Full spectrum refers to the type of extraction method that we use. A full spectrum extraction method preserves all the available cannabinoids (CBD, CBD-A, CBD-G, CBD-N, THC under 0.3% ) , terpenes, and flavonoids.  These medicinal properties accentuate and facilitate the efficacy and bioavailability of CBD to the endocannabinoid system–in other words, it’s much easier for your body to use. 


Preclinical studies have shown that full-spectrum CBD-rich cannabis oil is effective at much lower doses and has a much wider therapeutic window than pure, pharmaceutical-grade CBD. Many full-spectrum CBD oil products on the market utilize a crystalline CBD isolate, which may increase profits, but diminishes the health benefits. 

This means you aren’t just getting one aspect of the healing properties of the plant (isolate)–you are getting all of them (full spectrum). And you can be sure it is coming from well-loved, healthy, and potent plants.


An extract is a way of preserving and making a concentrated form of herbal medicine using alcohol. By extracting the healing properties, we can concentrate it into an easy-to-use and potent liquid form. We add most of our extracts to an oil base which helps the body absorb and use the herbal remedy more effectively. 

Roll On

A roll-on is a form of topical application that we use for some of our oils. This mess-free application method makes for easy on-the-go pain and stress relief as well as wound healing and cleaning. Roll on to a wound to ease pain or your temples to de-stress.