As stewards of this magical piece of land we are committed to growing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, providing a space for honey bees to thrive and raising free range animals. Our farming practices allow us to use organic hemp and CBD oil throughout our full spectrum product line.

All of our food (that we don’t eat!) is sold through a pay-what-you-can model that increases access to healthy food in our community.  During our time farming in Denver, we pioneered this model of pay-what-you-can farmstands throughout the city that allowed greater access to healthy local food and we have since brought that model to our community here on the Western Slope.

The model is simple-we provide a suggested price and our customers have the option pay that price, less if they need to or more if they are able to support another.  It’s a simple concept that’s rooted in our beliefs that all individuals should have access to healthy food and that our community, when given the opportunity, will make the right decisions to support each other and the farmers that steward the land.